Bassi Mewar Bassi Fort Palace - A heritage hotel in Bassi (Chittorgarh - Rajasthan - India)
Places of interest in and around Bassi.

The principal places of interest in and around Bassi are as follows :-


Click once to get enlarged view...Two very large irrigation dams called Bassi dam and Orai dam are located at a distance of 6 and 8 kms respectively from the Palace. They are situated in the heart of the Wild Life Sanctuary midst the forested hills.

The Bassi and Orai Dams are spread over large areas stretching into forest, water channels of which penetrate into the forest up to 6 to 9 Kms, providing excellent facilities for Bird/Animal watching, boating and Angling round the year.

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Bassi Wild Life Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary is situated 5 kms from the Fort on the western fringes of Vindhyachal Ranges with series of tableland, gentle slopes and vast streches of large lakes, water channels of which penetrate into the forest. Bassi and Orai dams are part of the Sanctuary are Panther, Wild Boar, Antelopes and Mongoose. Migratory birds also visit the Sanctuary.

Hunting Lodge (Audhi)

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A large number of Hunting Lodges were constructed in the past in forest for convenience of Royal for Shoots/Hunting . They have special features like loopholes for shooting and viewing animals both for gents and parda ladies and amenities . This Hunting Lodge is one of the finest Hunting Lodges found in Rajasthan. It is located on a ridge over looking the Orai and Bassi Dams. The terrace of the Hunting Lodge provides a breath taking view of the entire Sanctuary with its tablelands, lakes and forested wilderness.

Hill top Resort

Click once to get enlarged view.It is located 6 kms from the Palace on Udaipur-Chittorgarh-Bundi-Kota National Highway No. 76 on a Hill Top over looking the Bassi Dam and the wildlife Sanctuary providing an eye-catching view of the surrounding area. The resort is an ideal place for peace and nature lovers. [Tented Village] Accommodation in tents also arranged.

Bassi Village & Craftsmen

rrl_bhil.gif (7478 bytes)Bassi Village has several facets of interest like temples, step well cenotaphs The exquisite sculptures; woodcraft, shoemaking, potters and hand made Bidi (local Cigarettes) are very famous.


Click once to get enlarged view of Chittorgarh Fort.Chittorgarh Fort is 24 Kms from Bassi on Kota-Bundi-Chittorgarh-Udaipur road. A standing sentinel to the courage and valor of Chittorgarh, it stands all over a 180 meter hillock covering a massive area of 7000 acres. The Fort has a chequered history, it has witnessed some of the bloodiest battles in history. It is testimony to three great sakas and some of the most heroic deeds of velour, which are still sung by the local musicians. The Fort is a Treasure House of History and Historical Monuments.


Click once to get enlarged view.This scenic spot is situated 60 kms from Bassi on the Chittorgarh-Bundi road, and is famous for the ancient temples, waterfalls and beautiful forests. It is also known as the "Mini Khajuraho" blessed with natures bounty.


It is 7 kms from Bassi on Bundi-Bassi-Chittorgarh road. Nagri is one of the most important townships of the Mauryan era in Rajasthan, situated on banks river Bairach. It was formerly known as Madhyamika, which flourished from the Maurya to Gupta era. The excavation over there unearthed many interesting facts and have shown signs of strong Hindu and Buddhist influence.